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Mobile Enterprise Subscribers – Business Mailing List and Email List

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Audience: The Mobile Enterprise Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List is a direct response, BPA audited subscriber list comprising executive management, IT management, operations management, sales & marketing management, financial management, elected government official, military officer, senior government administrator and public safety official titles within the consumer packaged goods/retail/eBusiness, education, travel/hospitality/entertainment, healthcare, government and financial/banking/legal industries.

Publication Scope: Published bimonthly, Mobile Enterprise engages readers through newsletters, online and electronic publications, print, web and live events, white papers and reports. Mobile Enterprise feeds the mobile decision-maker’s need for real-world information about the strategies, processes and solutions that are working today – and in the future. Executives turn to Mobile Enterprise as their primary resource for mobile and wireless solutions because a constant flow of industry-leading information and analysis is presented on everything from tablets and BYOD opportunities and challenges, to the latest in MDM and MEAP initiatives.

About the Publisher: Since 1985, EnsembleIQ is a business-to-business media company with market-leading information products that serve the information technology and seasonal merchandising markets. EnsembleIQ’s Technology Group consists of 6 franchises that produce a combined 15 executive conferences, web seminars, whitepapers, e-newsletters, as well as benchmark industry research, custom digital content and custom publishing.

Successful Users: The professionals on the Mobile Enterprise Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List respond well to offers pertaining to technology, seminars, webinars, educational materials, computer hardware/software, office products and supplies, financial, subscriptions, high-ticket items, managerial products, mobile plans and apps, travel, hospitality and all industry related offers.

This direct response list comprises publication subscribers, newsletter subscribers, webinar attendees and trade show attendees.

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